Friday, February 5, 2016

Ombe Kofie - Logo and branding

Ombe means "drink" in Javanese.

The main concept is something bold, never ending and masculine.

So I end up with something circular, with shape that related to coffee stain under the main image.

With simplicity and one color that describe Ombe Kofie on the first place as a artistry coffee place for those who know the real taste of coffee.

Learning not to put sugar on the coffee. And I prefer a little bit of milk. :D

Ombé Kofie

Jln Pluit Sakti Raya No 117, Jakarta Utara 14450 
Opening hours: 
08:00 - 17:45 
Monday - Saturday 
PH-Sunday 10:00 - 17:45 

*All of the photo  above were courtesy of Ombe Kofie.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Woosh..., The Wind Take the Egg Away (Wuusss..., Angin Membawa Telur Terbang )

An ant egg felt down from the tree. The wind flew the egg to several places. It had long and long journey to find its home. The wind flew the egg around the pond, garden, hill, school, market, housing, road and finally the wind brought the egg back home. Who inside the egg? What kinda egg it is?

It's a book that have a story of process, journey, and surprising things.

Nowadays, children are eager with something instant. fast, entertaining, without remembering where it comes from, what's the story behind everything. 

When I first read the book script, I was excited of how simple the subject are, simple yet have a concept that teach the children about the process of a thing, how one aspect could effect the whole circumstances, what happen next, what if, ....

 :: alternative sketch

I'm using watercolor in this book, to give emphasize, natural look that this topics bring, I begin with research of plant that grows around my house, small plants, common one, that if you see it with a 'big perspective' - exist.  Pretending I'm  a lilliput :D.

Then, the situation around us, the market, the seller costumes, tukang kueh. common animals, 
and I love it, I love doing the process. Hope you all love it too :))

Just contact the publisher to buy the book :

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy belated Christmas!

The last year Christmas cards I did for the card company, they want something modern and  simple so here they are :)

The village of little people, and snow, and ice skating, and snow, again.

:: and this is the real look of the little people, they have no mouth and nose!

 In the land of pine tree and deer.
We don't have snow here, so that's why we are crazy about the idea of white Christmas *sigh :D

 :: another little people and little deer that are 'big'

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I love you mom , I love you dad book

Mom, Dad, I Love You. Yes I love the quality of this book, the color and the layout, after all the revision and editing, at last, it's worth it! 

Collaboration books with colleague illustrator,  click here for the review of this book from the author

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Boy who can not tie his shoes

Hi! long time no see, been busy with all the stuff, drawing, projects, house cleaning..
Pfft, and really I've got to start writing again, been drowning in all the social media application, and realize that I just got to write and take notes in what I've been doing in this blog again! Wish me luck then!

Been working on this project and I really looove the story, it's very simple, basic things of a daily routines in a child life, but it instantly caught my attention, it's like the first time I read the stories, and all the gesture, the mimic, everything comes up and dancing on my head, well what I mean; in my mind.

After searching for some style, I comes up with many reference, in the internet you can find many things and learn many things, just do it like this: 25% browsing 75% working; this is what I always said to my daughter, otherwise if you take 75% browsing with an 'ooh and aah' for seeing all the masterpiece online, you will end up with only 25% working and exhaustion from all the excuse that you make that 'you've been working by browsing', umm  I'm blabbering again, okey back to the topic

This is all my reference, I loove all this illustrator, and hope I could learn from them :) Ekaterina Trukhan, Mary Blair, Shinzi Katoh.

And I end up with my own personal style, I'm trying to capture the crispness of the line, the tidiness of the color and the main thing is, the 'child' inside a child character, frustration, happiness, hope, sadness and so on. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nice articles

Why we are burning out in the arts 

The pressure to do more, more, more
The problem with the work-for-free culture
The paradox of doing what you love and switching off
Prioritising self-care
Read the whole articles here

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My artwork PoD online shop

It's the day when my friend from Printerous approach me and said,' Hey, do you want to sell your artwork online?" It's like setting up a bunch of local artist , and give them chance to show their work printed on some stuff, Print on Demand stuff. I'm kinda apathetic in the concept of artwork  translated into a printed thing, usually because of the quality in Indonesia, and the form that not suitable to my expectation.

but then, I looked and looked and see the end result, well, amazingly it's suitable to what I've expected, so here it is, my online artwork shop, gotta buy one for myself , I'm really impressed and of course , happy, that finally we have something like this in here, it will help all the local talent and get them enough place to expose their work.

So if you interested in my art, welcome to my shop, take a look around and let me know what you think :)

click! click!

Just click click to see :)