Monday, March 24, 2014

The Legend of the Golden Cucumber Princess

My latest drawing, water color  and pencil.
It's an Indonesian children story about a girl, who born inside a cucumber.
I know this story since I was a little girl, and here is a part of the story:

"Run Timun Mas. Save your life!" said the mother. The giant was angry. He knew the farmers wanted to break their promise. He chased Timun Mas away. The giant was getting closer and closer.

Timun Mas then opened the bag and threw a handful of salt. It became a sea. The giant had to swim to cross the sea. Later, Timun Mas threw some chilli. It became a jungle with trees. The trees had sharp thorns so they hurt the giant.

However, the giant was still able to chase Timun Mas. Timun Mas took her third magic stuff. It was cucumber seeds. She threw them and became cucumber field.

But the giant still could escape from the field. Then it was the last magic stuff she had in the bag. It was a shrimp paste, terasi. She threw it and became a big swamp.
You can read the whole story here:

:: Make a book from these piece maybe..?
Gotta find a publisher first :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sketches 2

“life has a funny way of testing you to see if you really want, what you say you want.” 
― Turcois Ominek

:: trying to make an interpretation of Elsa from Frozen
it's  long time since I sketched a princess or a girl figure, a little bit awkward on the eyes I think :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh where are you mr. sunshine..

I really miss bright Mr.  Sunshine nowaday, but we cannot just sit and do nothin, right?!
So I make a little doodle just to brighten up a little bit..

:: Little miss mouse want something very bad, she cannot forget about it for just one second!

:: Waiting the weather getting better with a bunch of books, what a good company!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Morning.. :)

One  morning accompanied by Javanese song, and little Mumu..

Sakehing kang dumadi makardi,
Lir Hyang Widhi kan tansah makarya,
Nguripi jagad tan leren,
Surya, Candra, lan Bayu
Bhumi, tirta kalawan agni,
Peparing panguripan,
Mring pamrih wus mungkur,
Anane nuhoni dharma,
Iku dadya “Sastra cetha” tanpa tulis,
Nulat lakuning alam.

Semua yang ada di ini bekerja,
Bahkan Tuhan pun bekerja,
Menghidupi dunia tanpa henti,
Matahari, bulan, dan angin
Bumi, air tanpa kecuali api,
Memberi kehidupan,

Semua bekerja demi kelangsungan hidup tanpa pamrih,
dasarnya hanyalah merasa wajib,
Alam adalah “Ilmu nyata” tanpa tertulis,
Kita wajib belajar dan meniru dharma baktinya alam

Dandang Gulo- taken from here

Friday, November 15, 2013

From Rock to Rock - Children book illustration

The final result for my post about The frog who lost his home  .
Story by Ary Nilandari.

In this project I try to put the effort on the details, about the frog family expression, the mountain of stones that been taken away by the human, and the beauty of the ecosystem in this story. As this story are real life situation , about the rocks mining in Java, a little bit of Javanese culture is put inside the details, like the the "blangkon' that the frog put on their head, the batik for dancing, and gamelan for the music instruments. Enjoy.. :)

Sketches and sketches...

:: Give our rock back!

:: Maybe we can do something...

:: From rock to rock we jump and play, from rock to rock we dance and sing!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Dahlans.. pre alternative sketch :)

This is 3 character that I've made for Dahlan's Book, which one do you like? The final book used the third alternative, the boy with biiig head, my friends often tell me that big head is my signature style, well.. way to go big head! :D

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nyampah? CIH! :D

Karena geregetan liat orang berdasi, rapi dan klimis buang sampah sembarangan.
Karena geregetan liat si cantik wangi, tanpa rasa bersalah buang sampah sembarangan
Karena geregetan liat ayah dan bunda membiarkan anaknya buang sampah sembarangan

karena melihat peluh pembersih jalanan dan sampah yang melihat para pembuang2 sampah ini tidak sedikitpun berpikir, bila.., kesadaran membuang sampah pada tempatnya, dan kesadaran untuk tidak menyusahkan orang lain, akan sangat- sangat membantu mereka

:: Feel free to share, contact me if you need hi-res image for the campaign