Friday, May 25, 2007

Illustration Friday - Sign

This is the story of my mom- one eye-cat, name "Tae-ji-: matane siji" it means 'one eye', he lost his eye when he was small, come to near to my mom dog, he was bit on the eye- ouch! :'( still he survived, and now he was growing up, becoming the most fearfull cat in the neighbourhood, can you imagine that... I wonder what happen if he still have both eyes.. !

Now about the sign- he always left his sign.., pee here and there.. sigh! And in this illustration he's signing his favourite spot- the street sign..! One thing, I forget the pee pose for cat, got that mixed up by the pose for the dog.. sorry for that! :D


Geninne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Gina :)
Of course you can ask any questions about sewing, I'm no expert but I'll be glad to help if I can.
LOvely blog you have here, I really enjoyed all of you photos and illustrations, great job!
LOVE this kitty ;)

mike r baker said...

Ha! Funny illo and funny story! :)

Tracy said...

What a cute kitty! Poor little thing with his one little eye ;)