Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Time out!
Got to relax a little bit, so I won't touch the computer last week end.. as a matter a fact, the feeling is rather ackward :), ohh you computer geek..
So I just play with Mika, sleep all day, ordered food instead of cooking, and murmuring...

After all that, I went to the bookshop 'alone'- this is really a privileges for me, for it is a very rare happened :) I left Mika napping with his dad, thks Peter! And I've spent 2 hours at the books store, suddenly shocked cause the sky is already dark outside.. and what a book that I bought heehee.... this is worth to buy than new clothes heehee.... sorry girls :D

I bought a present for me, yes, an interior and craft book, titled:
1. Teras- magazine from IDEA
2. Colorful stitchery by Kristin Nicholas- this lady is amazing..

And also for Mika, a book that I also loved
1. H.C. Andersen- book that I longed to have, it's too expensive for me to buy when I was little, I remember go to Gramedia and hold this book for a loonng time in my hand....wishing to take it home with me, glad now I can buy it..
2. SPOT, SPOT,SPOT... brillian illustration and story, very simple yet very interesting
3. Goodnight moon,- I also buy this second hand book from yunita, just look at her collection of used book, I think it's worth it :)

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