Friday, June 22, 2007

Yellow wreath
Yesterday morning, we woke up and found a lot of kamboja flowers(Plumeria alba) on our frontyard. It looks so beautiful, so we make a wreath from the flowers and hang it on the kamboja tree.

Church Bird and Gummy Bear

left photos: The wreath is quite beautiful for me but Mika think it's more interesting if we could hang something on it.. soo.. we have this tiny cradle with the gummy bear toys, swinging under it...

right photos: Then a few birds coming, it called' church bird' in Indonesia, I don't know the latin names for this birds, but they can be seen all around Indonesia, and nobody shoot or captured them for it is said it brings bad luck if you trying to catch them :'). Good for them.

just steal a few shoot from inside the house before they fly away.
There's a picture game- can you find the gummy bear on this photos?

Have fun! ^_^


mike r baker said...

We call them "house sparrows" here in the States. Sweet! Lovely plumeria too! :)

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Rodrigo said...

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bungarampai 2 said...

very beautiful, Gina..