Saturday, July 7, 2007

Water Bubble Play
This is my childhood favourite game with water, using anykind of cloth, cotton will be better, just try capturing as many air as you can with the cloth, hold it so it will look like an air ballon,
drawn it and squeezeee........,
the feel of the bubble is wonderful.. :)

Mika and I use to play pretend that it was an octopus, or a sinking submarine... :) it can make the little one giggling and make you feel flying.. :)


enigma said...

wah saya blom pernah main ini!! lucu, ini penemuanmu?? kalo dulu waktu kecil, waktu mandi paling main gelembung busa sabun pake body parts..heheh

eugenia gina said...

haha, cobain aja deh, selama ngak ketauan orang :D! bubblenya bisa buat massage muka.. kekekeke...!

Emila Yusof said...

Lovely! Love the color combination!