Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy things before Christmas

It's a little bit chaotic in our house lately, Mika got a cold and fever, dateline to catch, house to clean* I think I'm gonna left this one :).

And present, ooo.. the Christmas Present..., I forget how a child never forget.. and she remind me..

"Mom, is Santa's gonna come..?"
" Yes, dear, what do you want for Christmas..?"
" Leo- mom, the plastic one..*Leo-that famous- eyeglasses boys from Little Einstein..??

"... -pause-... mmm, what about the pillow version of Leo..?
I don't think Santa have the plastic version.."

" Umm.. ok! I'm a good girl mom! - grin-"

Ok dear, then a pillow with Leo character is on the way.. wish me luck!

:: And, a Christmas Card from Ella, not only one illustration, but two..! A singing cat and mouse, and a little cutie elf on the back cards..
Thanks El, I really loved it, it's sooo beautiful! You can check Ella's work on her site, and be amazed :D

:: First timer baking.. :) we enjoy the process..
It's a Christmas sugar cookies from The Joy of Baking, what I love from this site is, they provide the measurement in grams, yaay..!


enigma said...

waaa kartuku dipajang di pohon natal!! duuuh seneng bangettt deh! ^_^ wah liat kue2 cakep gini jadi ngiler deh gin...palagi liat si gingerbread...jd pingin ikutan bikin. :)

sketched out said...

Sounds like you are having a hectic time, but still having fun (I hope, anyway.)

Thanks for sharing photos of your holiday season. Those cookies look delicious!!! You're inspiring me to bake tonight.

Happy Holidays!!

delaverobum said...

Lovely! I put your blog in my link´s list because I love your art!!!