Tuesday, December 11, 2007

IF- Little Things

Being brainwashed by Ghibli's movie The Cat Returns, I represent my family as a cat family.. :)

I've been looking all my illos and found out that my most favourite objects is cat.. number two is monkey, and this week IF topic could bring them both perfectly :D

From all the little things I've done with Mika, this is what we do last week, making a new member of the family. We haven't named him yet, but he's surely an adorable little thing.. :)
Thank you very much for Hanna for sharing her tutorial, please go here for making you own socks monkey, it is fun!


zari - justZHM said...

these kitties are so cute! and the monkey too! thanks for the link!

Kelly Medina said...

Very cute. The hair and pose on the bigger cat makes me smile. Nice job.

The Cat Returns is such a great movie - one of my favorites.

sheree said...

cute illo and cute sock monkey!

sketched out said...

Kitties are an irresistible subject, aren't they? These little guys are adorable.

Also, you did a great job on that monkey. Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial. I hope I have enough time to make one for my nephew!