Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Days of balloon and treasure :)


Mika always love balloon, anykind of it, since she was little, the sound of the 'balloon-man' always
capture her attention, and it is true, a balloon a day makes the worry away :)

We're trying to make a shape from this long balloon into anything or something.. perhaps .. :') ,and the experiment need a lots of squeaze, a squeak and a biiiiig heart- because I am afraid of the sound of a popping balloon- and actually- we have successfully make a few of it.... *_*

This is the 'how-to' instruction, maybe we could make a monster shape someday, just learn from the basic first shall we..?

Our treasure!

There once a poem about little things that children adore, for example, the balloon,
sometimes adult just don't realize how this small things is actually a big matter for them, maybe we -adult- have to learn to listen and look carefully from the eye of the children... just remember when we're little.. you must have one- remember..? :)

And her treasure is this:

bing and bong doll, extra ordinary, rare collection, made from pillow, with a handmade face, and legs stick with a tape.. :)

:: little gems, and coins, lots of them.. very precious..

And my treasure?
:: plastic mini becak, basket, coffee cup
:: vintage animals, I love the kitten and the baby elephant the most.. :)

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sketched out said...

Thanks for sharing such sweet moments.

I agree, I think we should all try to see things with the wonder of a child more often. We might appreciate life more.

Oh, and Mika is the cutest little girl ever!!!