Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A new hole, the alphabet, and the tripod

Err... just to confused finding the right words..
Just what happened lately in our house, this is the first one

Her first wishlist as a rabbit. Bunny have made a hole for herself, not yet move in but soon I think, she kept diggin and diggin, making my backyard so messy with all the soil - in rainy season!- hmph! but I just let her finish, I never see a rabbit hole before.. maybe next time she will be asking for a mate? *_*

:: She like to be stroke under the ears- just like dogs- funny isn't it? it can put her to sleep sometimes


I'm trying to keep the other little girl busy, trying to teach her how to read now, oooh.. how I admire teacher- how- tell me how- to teach a toddler to read, I don't even remember the first time, Mika always asking about how to read books, but always confuse in the spelling thing- maybe because the mother is a confuserrr.. heehee... So I do this playing with spe
lling thing, outside, drawing the letter, using picture, instead of using books and pencil, so far so good, I think she becomes interesting in this spelling activity, not more than 5-10 minutes per lesson :D..


:: This thing absolutely grab her attention, and this is one of many picture that she take, using timer and tripod.


enigma said...

duh klincinya lucu bangett...
btw gin berkat doronganmu saya bikin entri IF akhirnya minggu ini. hehee

Nuzulia said...

Sammmaaaa say, gw juga punya kelinci. Pas belinya 2, tp yg satu digondol kucing (kalo tau yg mana kucingnya, gw gorok deh tu kucing). Jadi aja tinggal si snowy, yg makin lama makin endut karena kerjanya makan tidur terus gak pernah keluar kandang krn gw trauma takut digondol kucing lagi. Hehehe....

Eugenia Gina said...
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Eugenia Gina said...

uli, ngak kebayang kelincinya dimakan kucing :'P
si bunny juga pernah diuber2 kucing, untung keburu ketauan.. sampe jantungnya berdebar2 gemeteran gitu :P