Monday, March 31, 2008

It's all about eggs

This is what we do last Easter, all about eggs, and thanks to the internet about the tips on how to blow egg, it's so simple and it is so nice to do an egg painting, wish we have know it earlier!

:: 2 hours project- Each egg painted with poster color, sketched with marker, dried.. and finishing with clear pylox, and their name is 'looney- grumpy and eerie'.... *-^

:: Instant project- Construction paper egg, I cut a few shapes for Mika, then she decide to make her own egg design..

:: really-really instant- Plastic egg with many colors, and a timer self potrait project- make sure that the camera is in the safe position! :D

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sketched out said...

Those eggs are really cute! What a fun project. I haven't decorated eggs in a few years.