Monday, March 10, 2008

Papa Bear

Papa bear was 48 years old, whoa.. I couldn't believe it, he was my oldest sister belongings, and still survive up until now.

He used to make a disagreement noise
something like this- *eaaaaowwrrrrggglll... - if I push his bellybutton, but he was to tired to answer me now..

Precious. Papa Bear. He lost his voice, his smooth fur, his clothes and softness. And still I adore him.


Pury said...

ahh, i want to hv one too..
ha papa bear, wheres your clothes went?

seni said...

gin, the little girl, is it you??
cutee.... i guess mika is more like you when you were kid hihihi...

sketched out said...

Is that you? What a cutie and what a wonderful, big, lovable bear. No wonder you love him, hee hee.