Friday, April 18, 2008

Of music :)

Lately I don't have any ideas nor energy for crafting, and in time like this we usually do the music things, listen to the radio, dancing like crazy, I means both of us, or the three of us, if dad is not to exhausted from work.. and I dare to say, that music is certainly make me feel better. Sometimes being a work at home mom have it's own issue because of the socialize that you have it only through phone or IM.. yikes!

At these time I really miss my social life with my co-workers, but that doesn't mean I intend to go back to work in the office heehee... we'll just skip that..

Talking about the King, the song is good for daaaancing.. when I say, Mika this is 'blues' music, she said' But it's rather different from the Blues Clues song mom... ;') well it is different.. and I'm getting lost somewhere else just to make this 'blues thing' reasonable for her..

and a little bit of snacks will do, usually I don't pay attention to the small things like this bear biscuit, but today, it's seems so cute.. when I was a kid, biscuit like this is rare, can say it quite expensive, so we use to eat it a little bit- bit- if you know what I mean.. :) just read the Laura Ingalls book, part when they have this Christmas cookies.. it seems sooo precious!

And this morning, what we found in front of our street, a little marching band parade.. niceee :'D

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seniwinanti said...

blues clues??? wagagagagaga... gue langsung ngakak bacanya gin :P