Saturday, September 13, 2008

make and enjoy

:: We do this shirt painting last week, I sketch the cow and Mika do the rest of it, it is a night project, and it is fun to do. I have this project in my mind long time ago, and finally we did something with it, and of course one project will surely follows by the others .. mooo...!

:: And making projects makes you hungry of course, a quick recipe, pastry with choc chips and cheese will do

:: Then, we make markisa-nade from this, and the sour-sweet-taste surely boost your energy level, we pick this up freshly from my sister garden, it is so nice to see all the fruit just hanging there and we could pick it just like that..


Asis Cortes said...

que tal muy lindo tu blog
y tus ilustraciones,

te espero por mi blog

cserháti hajnalka said...


Antown said...

pakabar mbak, mau kasi tahu saya pindah sekarng. silakan mampir di

Salam kreatif!!

enigma said...

gin, pake cat apa untuk ngegambar di atas kaos? kalo dicuci ga akan ilang ya? btw lucu sapinyaaa!
aduh itu markisa.... asik banget ada pohonnya di rumah, tinggal metik. bagus2 lagi, merah2 gitu. *slurp*

nna said...

cheese pastry-nya enak tuh Gin... ::nyam-nyam::

Eugenia Gina said...

antown: okeeh nanti aku bookmark sitemu ya :)

ella: cat tekstil la, aku udah kirim linknya ketempatmu disini belinya:

murna: ehehehe.. baru pemula Na,yuuk masak yuuuk :D

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Mika can sure paint!
The yellow moo moo is so cute and refreshing!
Hmmm, the fruits make me missing home so much! I hope I will eat them on my next visit to KL.
Euginia, I have an Award for you in my blog, please find sometime to pick it up!
I still have to arrange my orders thru you, and arrange the shipping to Singapore or KL to my niece to keep for me.