Thursday, September 18, 2008

A thankful feeling

Just wanna be thankful for:

The family and friends, for letting me know that there are so many things, so many kind of people, in these biiiiggg world...

The chance for thinking positive, waking me up that there are many things that can be thankful for, do and make to..

To know that the power of mind could make a difference to someone, depend how they take it personally, even if they're in the same situation, the result could be totally different. To realize that life is about choice.., so be wise girl.. :)

:: This trees gives so much little flower that smells sooo nice, maybe this smells make me wondering about all this stuff heehee... ohmmmmm.......

1 comment:

EWian said...

Beautiful self-portrait, the colour of the leafs playing along with the grass.