Tuesday, December 23, 2008

relaxing time :)

It was a hectic time, but I'm glad I've finished all the dateline, and manage to have a little bit fun time with what happened in our house recently. And I'm glad for that.

:: Ha! this is David vs Goliath, not in size but in age, Moki is 3 months old and Bunny is 3 yrs old, Moki always chasing Bunny whenever he has an opportunity to do it, until that day- when he chase Bunny and make the 'old' rabbit angry, he got a stomp on his belly- and I never knew that a rabbit could make a long- loud- shrieking sound, phew!

:: Mika- having fun putting all the socks in one foot, and what a funny 'bump' she have..

:: And now it 2 days before Christmas- it's raining heavily today, so we're making a gingerbread cookies and getting messy-sticky- and full with it :D
Happy Christmas everybody!


Arman said...

happy christmas!!

Gifts of Creation said...

Great Blog!! I love your art!!

sketched out said...

There's nothing quite as comforting as baking cookies on a rainy day, is there? Thanks for sharing your wonderful moments.

Have a wonderful holiday, Gina!!