Friday, January 30, 2009

Published book- Paman Oranye "Uncle Orange"

Paman Oranye- My recent published Children Book

Little Empus - In Indonesia we call a cat with "
Pus, pus.." like 'Here,Kitty- kitty.. ' in English The story is about little Empus, a siamese cat with a big curiosity of why Uncle Orange- an orange stray cat, could look younger than the other cat, and his journey to find the secret of forever young :)

I draw Empus with color pencil, adn finished it in Corel Painter, with the help of the manual tracing tools, yes- very manual- an acrylic board and a 15 watt neon light. So here he is, welcome Empuss!

:: Details of Empus


Ria said...

Gin, Empusnya lucuuuuu bangeds..Udah ada di Gramedia? Kalo udah mau lgs ke sono..hihi.biar tau rahasia forever young.

enigma said...

waa slamat ya ginnnn keren banget gambarnya! kaya cat air beneran.

theartofpuro said...


Love the character and the style

Senta said...

Congratulations!!!! These are just beautiful!

Chickengirl said...

Congratulations on the beautiful book!!!