Friday, March 13, 2009

Color it!

Mother and daughter

A drawing of Mother cat and her daughter on canvas

Acrylic paint by Mika

She's so excited with her first canvas media, honestly I'm rather confused on how to direct a 5 y.o. to paint on canvas, but this is the result, and I cannot be more happy about it.. :)

Old crayon trick

Gather up your old crayon, put it into an old jar, and melt it by putting the jar into a boiling water, Voila! You've got a brand new rainbow colors of crayon now!

Mysterious Benedict Society

And this one surely color up my day! It's from
Ella, my illustrator friend, the stories are good, the illustration are beautiful, thanks Ella! I can't stop reading it now, and it reminds me of the famous five too, my favorite! Look at the little witch, isn't she cutee...


enigma said...

waaah diposting! kkkkk
nungguin kiriman gratis buku karya gina nih...

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Awww that is the sweetest thing ever Eugenia!! I love that painting of you and your dauhter.. too precious!