Friday, May 1, 2009

The pattern around us

Life is full of pattern, the simplest pattern caught my eyes these days, and it is amazing to realize how such a simplest things had formed our life without we realize it. My routines are pattern, even my messy attitude are pattern.. :D!

This is the sweet pattern I found out in our house lately

:: The blanket stitched by Mika, the imperfect stitches are beautiful, because the effort inside it, the lesson learned for the patience are priceless

:: The beads. Lots of them

:: The flower ornaments from paper is a pattern too

:: and the math project also have a pattern *_*

1 comment:

seniwinanti said...

hihihi liat angka 8nya mika jadi inget ratri.... kayanya mang susah yaah, dia biasanya bikin huruf s dulu baru disambung.... tapi bikin snya suka terbalik juga wadooowww