Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let's splash shall we?

For Disney Junior Magazine

I kinda favor this one, I put some vintage background, level it in Photoshop and the bird eye view angle surprised me. Gotta try a different kind of angle from now on, I love it..

+ Come on Iwan! Jump in! The water is warm lho!
- Nooooo waayy, I'm outta here!


cecilliahidayat said...

lucuuuuu!!! :D

Atsi-Batsi said...

I love the angle you chose for this drawing! Great work as usual :D

Happy new year!

Lia Chen said...

Wow nice work again! Happy New Year Gina, to you and your family :)

Ria said...

Your new angle is surely splashing!!! Good job as always.....:)

audelia agustine said...

Ci Gina lucu banget...flat dari atas! cool!

Eugenia Gina said...

thank you all, ternyata komennya emailnya nyangkut di spam, jadi aja baru tau ada comment yg kudu di moderate. *garuk2