Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Happy Easter to you!
We're surrounded by bunnies, look.. :D

:: Our new bunny, Peanut, isn't he cute, he's only 4 month and like to be pat, what I love about him is that I can  carry him around, almost like a cat :)

:: What my daughter bring back from school, a bunny and his egg!

:: again, bunnies finger puppet. I made this for a Pay it forward project from my friend Anne, it's about making something handmade and share it with your friend, and I though about making this cute bunnies project from Purl bee, you can make one and download it here. And you know, I'm so lousy at stitching hehe.. hope it'll improved after these bunnies finished :D


Dheno said...

Horeee...aku kemarin nyobain juga, anaku suka banget lho,..thx ya sudah kasih inspirasi :D ...

vitarlenology said...

kelincinya cute banget... :) btw masih ada tempat buat acara kelir festival? aku pengen ikutan pengen kasih workshop bikin boneka jari