Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To Market!

Almost every week we go to 'pasar' - local market. There's so much to see in there, and somehow I could find my happiness in here, despite all the heat , busy, clattered things around you, there's so much to see here, the mutual transaction between the seller and the buyer, all the fresh things that you could find and see, a rather non artificial feelings - if you know what I mean :).

I don't know why, I love the traditional things lately- maybe gonna use the traditional mail rather than email for this year Christmas card.. hmm, and trying  to sew again- well wish me luck for this one.

:: A 'Padang restaurant', looking at this make me drool again, I love Padang food.

:: Things, things, things
the wood board is a 'washing board', the truly invention before the 'washing machine' eh..?

:: and eat...

 :: and drink! Fresh coffee for 5000 Rp,-


the enigma said...

gin, ke pasar bawa2 kamera? ga diliatin orang2 tuh? hihi

Eugenia Gina said...

pada cuek aja la, malah mas2 yang di warung padang minta di 'soting' katanya hihihi

the enigma said...

disoting? hahaha! disunting kali!

vantiani said...

yay for local markets!
warnanya, suaranya, aromanya, sangat menyenangkan ya gina!
happy to see these pictures and that iced coffee!