Monday, March 26, 2007

House management everybody?

SOooo.. this is my dear house during playtime with Mika, there's an unfinished dish- toys- 'spiderweb' ribbon tape - etc..etc.., messy? yes, but I think it's still beautiful.. :D
I envy a clean - nice looking house with no dust, no cluttering things everywhere, still I think it's nice to look at, but not to live at... hihi....

Maybe someday I could 'combine' that 2 things perfectly, between a 'pretty' house and ' cozy' one..

2. If you look closely, there's a paint everywhere in Mika's hand..
3. DInner- anyone? parents only! :D Tempe and kacang goreng.. heyy- it's tasty!
well ... we'll fix this things in next 10 years when she's older..

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