Tuesday, May 20, 2008

21 days of creative exercises day 9-10-11

hehe.. sorry I'm late at posting the sketches, here they are three in one post sketches.. :') and a one day skipped.. sigh *-*

Saturday day 9

alternatives sketches for a future children books, I didn't like the angle of this alt. so I made another one with a different angle

Sunday day 10

Do the sketch of people sit nicely on the church.. :') I just realize how rich is the style, color, pattern from a bunch of people could be

Tuesday day 11

Bear big hug.. Just love the bear, and wondering what a warm hug it could give..


MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Your sketches are beautiful! I love the bear hug!Beautiful!

Bee said...

You are producing wonderful sketches for your 21 day challenge, this one is just adorable!

sketched out said...

That is the cutest bear I've ever seen in my life! (and I've seen some cute bears in my day, hee hee.)

sketched out said...

Oh, sheesh, I didn't realize the other two sketches were part of this post. Love the kitties and bunnies sitting on couch, hee hee cute, and the people sketch is cool. I like the pattern they create.