Wednesday, May 21, 2008

IF Wide plus 21 days of creative exercises day 12

I don't believe in children's books. I think after you've read Kidnapped, Treasure Island, and Huckleberry Finn, you're ready for anything.
-Sir John Mortimer, Books and Bookmen, May, 1986

Eyes Wide Open

I cannot s
leep without reading a book first, and usually it becomes a 'I cannot stop before finish reading the book' stage.. and end up with a sleepy face in the morning..

I certainly put blame on that books! Why it have to be so good, so interesting, and to all the writer, yes I will vote you all for the next candidate for the election if you willing to! heehee..

This is the book that made me stay up recently..

From the local author
Laskar Pelangi 'The rainbow soldier'- Andrea Hirata
True story about 10 children and their teacher coping with poverty
, where education is a privilege, their friendship and their struggle in life.

Tales of the Otori; a series of fantasy novels by Lian Hearn
The books follow a young warrior named Takeo in his struggles to avenge an adoptive father, escape the legacy of his biological father, and pursue the love of his life in the midst of an enormous power struggle involving dozens of clan lords and thousands of warriors.

*image taken from wikipedia


Kstyles said...

Great sketch!

thedoodlegirl said...

Superb sketch and I really apprecialte the book ideas! Well done. :)

Cheryl said...

I remember those days. Can't really afford to stay up late, now...but summer's comin'! wonderful work.

platitudinal said...

That girl is sure wide awake. She looks so adorable being totally enraptured with the story while munching a cookie at the same time. Hehehe.

*Eugenia, kutu buku yah ;)
**Those two books look really interesting.

Diana Evans said...

wonderful work on "wide"

love it!

Angela said...

Great sketch!! Those are 3 of my favorite books in that Sir John quote.

Gina Perry said...

Love this sketch! It looks dreamy to me, especially the mouthful of cookie and the imagined quiet that comes late at night...

Anonymous said...

Lovely drawing! Reading at night makes me very sleeeepy!

Tom Barrett said...

Great sketches over the past few days. Love the big bear hug one.

skethced out said...

What a great idea for "Wide." Your sketch is just perfect. Makes me want to crawl into bed right now with some cookies and a good book.

Also, thanks for the book ideas. I'll add them to my list. I love a good novel, especially if it's based, even partially, on on fact.

cata said...

Adorable and clever as always.

seniwinanti said...

gin2... inget mata, nanti kalo mesti dilasik lagi kan sayang.... **kayak gue bisa menahan diri ajah, emang seh kalo bukunya bagus, kdg susah brenti yaah bo, dudi plg takut tuuh kalo gue dpt novel, takut dicuekin hihihi**

Eugenia Gina said...

linda: I hope the laskar pelangi book will have an english version later, it is worth to read.. :)

seni: kayaknya ngak kok sen, kan sekarang mata g udah plus setengah hehehe

Monica said...

I love all your sketches, Eugenia! And I am just like you, once I start a good book, it's so hard to put it down! :-)