Tuesday, October 27, 2009

flower booster :)

Got a flower booster from my daughter yesterday. Between a rush dateline, it really really make my day. Beautiful. Your flower and your attention. I really appreciate it dear.

And now here I am, posting 2 post in a row.. :D

Ok get back to work!


cecilliahidayat said...

awww manisnya Mika :D yosh semangaaat!!

btw, layout baru dan id baru nya lucu banget...bisaan deh ci Gina :D

Lia Chen said...

wah Mika bener2 sayang ama mamanya banget, sweet girl ... ayo Gin, Jia You!!

jcdillustration said...

Nice fleurs!

I love that you show your work-in-progress too.

seniwinanti said...

mika apa kbr?
kangen deeh maen sama kamu :)