Sunday, November 8, 2009

Seven- Day 1

WHAT IS "SEVEN"? An event held by CAB, a publisher who concentrates on graphic diary, where everyone can participate. It's where everyone can draw his or her days, one page each day, for seven consecutive days. The drawings can be day-to-day happenings during the week, dreams, desires, or whatever comes to mind when your pen hits the paper (or the tablet). Optionally - especially for those in Bandung - since this first SEVEN is held during Helarfest2009, it would also be nice if the keywords of your drawings include "creativity" and "Bandung". So this is my day 1 :)

Just click the image for a larger view.

+ Mommy wake up, let's go swimming!
- Err

+I wanna swim until afternoon
- Noo, 2 hrs is enough

+ what about until 11 0'clock?
- Noo, until 10

+ Mika, we have to get back, it's almost 10.
- until 11, pleaasee!

+ Mom, I know, I know, how about if I want to swim longer, we could come at 7 o'clock next time, or 6? 6 is good!
- ???


cecilliahidayat said...

hahahaha aku dulu juga sering nawar begini ke mamaku :))

Lia Chen said...

How cute is that? Love your graphic diary ... can't wait to see your day 2 after this (^.^)

the enigma said...

gin bikin komik gin :D

theartofpuro said...


Archie-The-RedCat said...

oooow kawaiii so cute.. jadi pengen berenag juga.. XD