Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Site!

Hi, all I'm moving to a new address, please go to this address to follow and browsing for my recent work, much appreciate! :D


Thursday, March 3, 2016

IF- Village

It's a book about a boy who play with his paperboat, the author request is to make character of a boy with Philippines background, although Philippines it's still in the Southeast Asia, I still have to search the local content of Philippines house and style, along with their traditional dress and style. 

click the link to view the drawing process :)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Coba Lagi.. Coba lagi... (Book- The Boy Who Can Not Tie His Shoes)

Grraaah!  I like my new shoes but why it's so hard to tie it!

It's a book about process,
a determination and a story about
a young boy who have a new shoes but don't have any idea how to tie one.

First time I read the script, it gives me a wide smile,

I can picture  every single expression this little dude will be; happy, determined, stress, tired, relieved.

And I do wish that everyone who read this to their young, will express it while they read it, every single expression, and watch how the listener will also change their own expression, that will be fun!

Make this book as a fun one, make them learn about patience, process, and result, at last :).

Don't you agree?

Just contact the publisher to get the book : aksaberama@gmail.com

Friday, February 5, 2016

Ombe Kofie - Logo and branding

Ombe means "drink" in Javanese.

The main concept is something bold, never ending and masculine.

So I end up with something circular, with shape that related to coffee stain under the main image.

With simplicity and one color that describe Ombe Kofie on the first place as a artistry coffee place for those who know the real taste of coffee.

Learning not to put sugar on the coffee. And I prefer a little bit of milk. :D

Ombé Kofie

Jln Pluit Sakti Raya No 117, Jakarta Utara 14450 
Opening hours: 
08:00 - 17:45 
Monday - Saturday 
PH-Sunday 10:00 - 17:45 
Email: ombe.kofie@icloud.com

*All of the photo  above were courtesy of Ombe Kofie.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Woosh..., The Wind Take the Egg Away (Wuusss..., Angin Membawa Telur Terbang )

An ant egg felt down from the tree. The wind flew the egg to several places. It had long and long journey to find its home. The wind flew the egg around the pond, garden, hill, school, market, housing, road and finally the wind brought the egg back home. Who inside the egg? What kinda egg it is?

It's a book that have a story of process, journey, and surprising things.

Nowadays, children are eager with something instant. fast, entertaining, without remembering where it comes from, what's the story behind everything. 

When I first read the book script, I was excited of how simple the subject are, simple yet have a concept that teach the children about the process of a thing, how one aspect could effect the whole circumstances, what happen next, what if, ....

 :: alternative sketch

I'm using watercolor in this book, to give emphasize, natural look that this topics bring, I begin with research of plant that grows around my house, small plants, common one, that if you see it with a 'big perspective' - exist.  Pretending I'm  a lilliput :D.

Then, the situation around us, the market, the seller costumes, tukang kueh. common animals, 
and I love it, I love doing the process. Hope you all love it too :))

Just contact the publisher to buy the book : aksaberama@gmail.com

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy belated Christmas!

The last year Christmas cards I did for the card company, they want something modern and  simple so here they are :)

The village of little people, and snow, and ice skating, and snow, again.

:: and this is the real look of the little people, they have no mouth and nose!

 In the land of pine tree and deer.
We don't have snow here, so that's why we are crazy about the idea of white Christmas *sigh :D

 :: another little people and little deer that are 'big'

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I love you mom , I love you dad book

Mom, Dad, I Love You. Yes I love the quality of this book, the color and the layout, after all the revision and editing, at last, it's worth it! 

Collaboration books with colleague illustrator,  click here for the review of this book from the author